Rita Rudaini di luar makamah

Rita Rudaini di luar makamah

There are a few things that I observed that compelled me to include this here, as my constant reminder about being dignified and moving on with the decision. Divorce is not a contest to determine a winner, it is a decision done in mutual agreement and about being fair. I cannot help but  wonder maybe by the way a divorce case is being handled in court that makes the situation worst for everyone. One part is, the opportunity given to ‘teach’ the other a lesson. Rationale is something anyone in such situation would be incapable of doing at this point and relying on others has always bought everyone involved to  places no one (who has been there) would ever want to venture back.

Rita, maybe provoked by reporters answers insensitively. Insinuating and undermining Aidil in almost all occasions. I have been there, where judgement was handed without trial or ever being heard and I do hope Aidil will be supported by his friends and families through this difficult times.


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